Athletics and House Teams

Primary Sports Programme

Our Primary Sports Programme at Global Jaya School is well established.  This programme has been designed to promote commitment to working as part of a team, participation in physical activity and sportsmanship among Primary students.

Interschool athletics supplement and support the academic mission of the school and assist students in their growth and development. Sports assist in promoting the importance of teamwork, effort, goal setting and commitment. Interschool athletics are competitive, but winning is not the primary measure of success. Sportsmanship, respect for participants and dignity in the face of adversity are more important than the outcome of the contest. Not all athletes perform at the same level, but all can demonstrate effort, dedication and fair play.  The Primary Sports Programme is based on three basic principles; commitment, participation, sportsmanship (CPS).

Student athletes are expected to make a commitment to the sports team in which they choose to participate.  This is visible in two ways: commitment to the team and commitment to the play.  Commitment to the team means that students will arrive to training and matches on time.  They will avoid making conflicting commitments and will only be absent with a valid explanation, which they will communicate to their coach before training or game day.  Commitment to the play means that students will put forth their best effort in every practice and match. They will try their best to improve their skills and understanding of the game.

Primary Sports is intended to be an inclusive environment.  GJS strives to eliminate any circumstance that would prevent a student from participating in a sport. All students are encouraged to play, even if they have no prior experience in that sport or any other. It is the rights of every Primary student to have access to opportunities that help them lead a balanced life, including physical fitness. While access to these opportunities is a right, participation carries certain responsibilities; therefore, inclusion on a team is considered a privilege. GJS offers opportunities for students to participate in badminton, basketball, football, team handball and track & field.  Non-competitive sports run within the school during lunchtime each term.

An important mission of the GJS sport programme is to teach and reinforce values relating to sportsmanship, competition and fair play. It is expected that team personnel, parents and spectators respect this mission by exhibiting appropriate behavior at sports events. Student athletes are expected to demonstrate respect toward their fellow competitors, teammates, coaches, officials and spectators. This includes accepting decisions made by coaches and officials, supporting teammates and congratulating opponents when they have performed well. It also includes being respectful and gracious when they achieve victory in competition.

Secondary Sports Programme

Physical Education Programme
Physical Education is based upon the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes that are the foundation for engaging in physical activity. However, the mere acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes are not enough. The mission of Physical Education is to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.

Physical Education is a sequential educational programme. It is based on physical activities undertaken in an active, caring, supportive and nonthreatening atmosphere in which every student is challenged and successful.  All students are provided with a learning environment that is modified, when necessary, to allow for maximum participation.

Athletic Programme
Athletic programmes are another opportunity for the educational enrichment of individuals seeking a more competitive and challenging physical environment. A broad-based programme of varsity, middle school and primary teams are intended to meet a range of individual commitments, interests and abilities.

Athletic teams shares the same goals as physical education and the After School Activities programmes in addition to providing the student-athlete with greater opportunity for self-testing, skill development and the pursuit of excellence, commensurate with that sought by all entities within the scope of the institution. GJS is committed to provide the support for coaches and athletes in their pursuit of excellence.  The foundation of GJS Commitment To Excellence is defined by the 4 C’s
Commitment: athletic teams are for highly committed student-athletes with exceptional drive.
Concentration: this is the mental quality to focus on the task in hand. If the athlete lacks concentration then their athletic abilities will not be effectively or efficiently applied to the task.
Composure: an athlete's ability to maintain control of their emotions in the face of adversity and remain positive is essential to successful performance.
Confidence: when an athlete has self confidence they will tend to: persevere even when things are not going according to plan, show enthusiasm, be positive in their approach and take their share of the responsibility in success and failure.

House Teams
At GJS we provide all students the opportunity to join in the various house league events ranging from the athletic and swimming carnivals to the house games. Every student is placed into one of the three houses upon arrival at GJS. The aim of this programme is to build school spirit, provide leadership opportunities and to be physically active in a fun environment. Our three House Teams are named: Garuda, Elang and Rajawali.