Accreditation/Evaluation Process

Global Jaya School is extremely proud of its evaluations and accreditations. We have been approved to provide a safe, inclusive and stimulating learning environment for our students.   The school and our teachers continue to be reflective in their practices and the directors and leadership team are committed to providing professional development for our staff.

We have recently undertaken a re-evaluation by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  During the month of April, 2018 members of the IB and WASC joined together to visit and interview all stakeholders in our community.  Members of the visiting team have several years of experience and come from established international schools around the world.  Prior to the visit, the school embarked on a period of self-study under guided criteria and questions from WASC and the IBO. The IB and WASC teams examined our curriculum, leadership structures, teaching practices, professional development plans and in general, student life at Global Jaya School.  

As a result we received both recommendations and commendations.  Our IT systems both hardware and support staff required attention.  We were also recommended to provide a three-year plan for professional development.  Both are in the design and implementation stages now and we will continue to communicate updates with all members of our community.   
GJS was highly commended for its strong counseling team and annual programmes they conduct to support Diploma students.  The GJS student council involvement and student leadership representatives through School Captains and Vice Captains was also well received.  In addition, it was noted that our house teams illustrate a strong commitment to participation while emphasising a friendly, competitive spirit.  
The WASC team commended our parent community who often support and praise the extracurricular programmes offered throughout the academic year.  Additionally, the WASC team applauded GJS for the strength of the “Indonesian and expatriate staff for their commitment to working together and supporting each other, each contributing to the success of the other.”

Global Jaya School and community are very proud of its developments since opening the campus in 1995.  The accreditation and evaluation process is a learning experience for all stakeholders and we look forward to future visits from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the International Baccalaureate Organisation.