It is highly recommended for all students to enroll in an ASA as it extends their educational experiences and physical activities. It provides students with another avenue to connect with their peers and helps to develop a range of social and emotional attributes, including self-esteem, persistence and teamwork. These activities are organised and led by teachers and outside providers and take place outside the normal school timetable.

The programme caters to students from Year 1 to Year 12 on regular school days. Various activities including embroidery, drama and dance, choir, martial arts, journalist club, badminton, swimming, photography, computer club and arts and crafts are offered. All activities are free of charge except for martial arts: Taekwondo and Wushu.

After School Activities (ASA) for Global Jaya students begin at the start of each semester. Once a student has been accepted into an activity there is a clear expectation of a 100% commitment. If a student is not able to join activities due to sickness or other complications, parents are required to inform the teacher in charge of the activity through the student diary or by phone. If a student does not attend an ASA three (3) times without explanation, they may be removed as a participant in the activity and replaced by another student.

Students may have a maximum of three (3) ASA or Sport Programme choices. The choices of activities are available online each semester. Students are to honour their commitments to the activities by attending them on time and doing what is required. If further information is required, do not hesitate to contact the ASA Coordinator, Pak Eka via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Wushu Youth Choir
Taekwondo Golf
Balinese Dance Wushu
Modern Dance Taekwondo
Fun Reading Traditional Dance for students Exchange
Swimming Batik Making
Arts and Crafts Table Tennis
Computer Club World Scholar's Cup
Photography Arts and Crafts
Scrap Book French Class
Traditional Dance Spanish Class
Youth Choir MUN
Embroidery Physics SL
Table Tennis Fun with Commerce
Cooking National History Day
Badminton Economic HL
Golf Extra Math IB DP
Drawing Extra Physics
Mandarin Conversation Extended Essay
Y6 Extra Lesson  
Traditional Dance for students Exchange  
World Scholar's Cup  

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