aimee Aimee Maryam Dykalaksmi - Receiving 1 Gold and Silver Medal for Ice Skating Competition in Bangkok, 2014.
kanaka Kanaka Azarel Benedict Gusasi - 1st place for Go-Kart Competition in Jakarta, 2014.                               
roslin Roslin Trewin - 3rd Place Winner of Swimming Competition (League of Inter School & Collegiate Aquatic) Junior 2 in UPH, 2014.


Global Jaya Hawks Polo Team – Receiving Champion title of League of Inter School and Collegiate Aquatic Water Polo series 1 season 2014-2015.

aisha Aisha Servia - 1st Place Science Presentation Gebyar Sains Nasional - SD Pembangunan Jaya in Jakarta, 2014.
lakeisha Lakeisha Esthetique Sharonina - 2nd Place Science Presentation Gebyar Sains Nasional - SD Pembangunan Jaya in Jakarta, 2014.
ithing Ithing Prayitno - 1st Place in the Manga Specta Comic Competition in Jakarta, 2014.                                
Irzami, Raysa Irzami - Overall Best Junior Writer, Regional World Scholar’s Cup in, 2014.                           
disa Disa Alda Naomi - 2nd Place Winner for The Senior Writing Division, World Scholar’s Cup, 2014.                                                                
kim jae Kim Hye and Jae Won Lee - Awarded the SE Asia Affiliate prize for their exhibit on Korean Comfort Woman in the Second World War in University of Maryland in Washington D.C., 2014.
kris Kristoffer Adrian Wijaya - The Best Delegate Award – HMCA in Hong Kong, 2014.                              
gabrielle giovana Gabriella Aliifa Thohir & Giovanna Aanisa Thohir - Asean Biodiversity Championship in Manila, Philippines, 2014.                                
kristina Kristina Dwi Suryani – Achievement of Honors Scholarship and Academic Honors Scholarship with total of USD $8000 per year from SCAD Savanah University for Bachelors of Fine Arts Programme, 2014.
sophia Sophia Widya Keizia - Yamaha Music Scholarship in Asia receiving 200,000 Yen, 2014.                               

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