Pak Steve Spannring
Pak Yohanes Edi Sunarya

Welcome From
MYP Principal

Dear Students, Parents and Guests,

Greetings and welcome to the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) at Global Jaya School (GJS)! At GJS, we define learning as the “. . . lasting growth, change and development of knowledge, skills, understanding, and behaviour.” We can think of no better programme than the MYP to help our students and teachers live that definition. The MYP is a holistic educational programme designed for students ages 11-16 with a focus on skills development, conceptual understanding, international-mindedness and personal growth. At GJS, students complete the final four Years of the MYP in Years 7-10 (approximate ages 12-16) before moving on to the IB Diploma Programme.

It is no secret that the late adolescent and early teenage years are a time of great physical, mental, and emotional change for children. The facilitators of the MYP at GJS, from teachers to leadership, recognize that and approach learning in the MYP from a place of understanding and a careful balance of the academic and pastoral, helping students build a strong foundation of skills-based conceptual understanding. Through a diverse range of courses, a thriving Service as Action programme, and passionate dedication to Personal Projects, our students and staff make everyday a day of learning.

Whether you are a current member of our community, a prospective member of our community, or just a curious visitor, we invite you to have a (virtual) look around and see what learning in the MYP at GJS is all about!

Pak Steve Spannring and Pak Yohannes Edi Sunarya

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